Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hugh Jackman is dreamy; SJP and the Bond dude;

Art Direction: yawn. Except, the art direction of Bride of Frankenstein. Go ahead, you make a castle from the ground up.
Benjamin Button wins. Whoopee. This is the part of the awards that always seems to go as slow as possible...but these people deserve credit too. However, do they have to do it in our broadcast? Can't they do that in the other show...the technical show where they give awards for Best Grip and Best Ladder Guy and shit? Nice acceptance speech nerds.
Costume Design: Jil's favorite award. The Duchess wins as it should. You shouldn't win an award for successfully dressing someone up in a 1950's suit. Just go to Hugo Boss and grab one of their retro suits and there you go. If you win this award, you need to produce some nifty hair styles and seriously rib restricting gowns.
Makeup Artist: Love this award. Dracula. Wolf Man. and...Hellboy! yay. go Hellboy! and...Dark Knight! Heath looks totally creepy. Oscar goes to...Button. Oh, way to slay 'em old Brad. Big deal, you're old. You're not evil and never will be.
Big Love and Mamma Mia girl, she's cool. Love her. And the Twilight guy. Nice personality Twilight guy. Hold on, let me wake up. OK, I'm back. Oh nice, a Coldplay song. Turn it up baby!!!
ROMANCE MONTAGE. That's sweet. Let's wrap it up.

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