Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy Post 4: Home stretch!!!

Fourht Screwdiver...secured okay!!!! We go on and on!!!!!

I am way into Grammy fatigue now. Why do we have to until 10:30? I can't last that long. I'm already buzzed and suffering jet lag from my week in Alabama. By the way, don't go to Alabama. It sucks. It is pretty but so poor. No money. I spoke to so many poor people with hardly any hope of making their situation better. And cities with so many closed buildings. Commercial real estate values will absolutely jack this country up and it is coming in a big way. Residential real estate was bad; commercial values falling will be a disaster.

DAVE MATTHEWS ALERT!! Jil likes him. I have never been a fan. I suffer the same kind of A.D.D. with this music that the Wolf suffers on the golf course. I can't stay interested past the first 2 minutes and Larry can't play well for more than 9 holes. I didn't even watch this, I had to pee.

Justice is served: Beyonce wins Best Female Vocal Performance. If it was Taylor Swift, the night would have been over for me.

Who the hell is Maxwell? Good voice I guess. I'm fading. Not sure I can hang until the Best Album or Album of the Year or whatever it is. To be honest the Grammys have kind of kicked my butt. Why don't they have the Best Viking Metal Album? That honor would go to Amon Amarth. Here they are:

Amon Amarth, Best Viking Metal Band (not a Grammy category)

But, Roberta Flack is singing and I was just singing "Where Is The Love" earlier today so that is cool. Great, classic song.

JEFF BRIDGES ALERT!!! THE DUDE ABIDES!!! Can't wait to see Crazy Heart. He is saluting Les Paul. And now Jeff Beck is on. Go Jeff. But who is singing? A gold dressed lady and no one knows who she is but she is into it. However, I think we have reached the end of the Grammy night. I now really don't care who wins and can't stay awake any longer. Oh well, I'm sure we can all read about it ad nauseum tomorrow morning.

Grammy Post 3: Best Rock Album (8:35 to 9:15)

U2 will win Best Rock Album because they are at the top of their game. But, they don't! Green Day wins it which is weird. Because U2 really did have an amazing year including their huge tour. Billie Joe is now going to have shots with Kings of Leon. I would seriously do anything to have a shot with all of those guys. That would be a shot that immediately goes into my legendary Shot Hall of Fame. Included in this shot Hall of Fame is a shot I took with Little Ricky in Moab a year ago. The shot was vodka and the dispensing unit was a warm water bottle from the Wolf. It was the shot heard around Moab for sure.

LEON RUSSELL ALERT!!!! Now the Grammys really are the shizz-nit. He looks pretty good considering he looked basically the same forty years ago except without the white beard and hair. And now I need to hear more Zac Brown because I really like his voice. Oh, here was Leon Russell back in the day:

Where did this Zac Brown guy come from? I like him. I really mean he might usher me into a new phase of my musical life. I can't believe I'm saying this but I am looking forward to hearing more Zac Brown.

Are we really only halfway through now? Not sure I can make it all the way.

Third Screwdriver...secured! On we go!!

Taylor Swift is now performing. Listen closely to her voice. It is not good. It is bland. Bleh. Cool guitar though. Some kind of pearl inlay on the neck. She doesn't have as good a voice as an American Idol reject. Oh, and now a Fleetwood Mac cover with....Stevie Nicks!!! Let's compare voices, shall we? The song is Rhiannon, of all songs. Good luck Taylor. Here we go...

Oh Taylor, you are awful. I really like you because you seem very nice and sincere. But that voice is horrible. Stevie is wondering how the hell she got talked into this debacle. If Stevie and Taylor's voices were tennis rackets, Taylor would have an old wooden racket made by Wilson back in 1974 and Stevie would have a brand new, shiny Wilson racket that Roger Federer just used to kick Andy Murray's butt in the Australian open earlier today.

MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE: This Is It. We must pause now to fully take in the tribute of Michael. But, I don't have my 3D glasses on and it looks horrible. Why didn't someone tell me I needed my 3D gear! What am I missing? Smoky Robinson in 3D? How cool could that be? How awful could that be? The song they are singing is killer--good job Michael. But the 3D aspect is now lost and the song is over. What more enhanced experience could I have had? Damn you Grammys!!!

Prince Jackson. You sound like you are a very old person. Hopefully, you will have a good and healthy life. Good job. Now Paris...and she's done.

UPCOMING HAIR NATION ALERT!!! BON JOVI IS COMING UP!!! YES!!! I'll bet it doesn't surprise anyone that right now, if you were riding in my Xterra, you could reach back to the pocket behind the passenger seat, pull out my CD case, and you would find a CD. That CD would be Bon Jovi's, "Slippery When Wet". You could then put that CD in and completely shake your business to the best butt rock ever recorded. As anyone who has spent time with me can attest, I love a good, simple, goofy pop song. Bon Jovi does this kind of music better than almost anyone. But, what song will they sing? The anticipation is killing me.

Bon Jovi the main guy looks great. Richie Sambora, the guitarist, looks a little beaten up. Here they are back in the day:

Pretty 'effin' sweet: Bon Jovi

Now they are playing the biggest hit of their career: Livin' on a Prayer. Go get 'em John. I love you and your tight Jersey pants. However, they basically played a chorus and a verse. Lame.

PREDICTION: I believe things are going to go badly for Rhianna. She has a new album and it's selling and she has moved beyond Chris Brown. But, she has an aura about her that just screams disaster. I don't know why but we will be reading about her in a car wreck/overdose/lover death quarrel in the near future.

Grammy Post 2: Think Pink! (7:42 to 8:30)


I am also a big fan of Pink. I've read several articles on Pink and she is one determined woman. She apparently works nonstop and now...has just basically stripped down to nothing. So, ok. Gabe is really watching closely now. The acrobatics are kind of nice and hypnotic. How does she not get dizzy, you ask? I learned this tip from my friend and Twitter buddy, Cris Angel--you have to keep your eyes from moving all over. Keep them steady in your head and you won't lose your equilibrium. And now the water? I guess everyone below is getting a quick cool down. To show all of your body like that takes some bravery so good on you Pink. Oh, and her voice is awesome.

KEITH URBAN ALERT! Jil is really watching closely now. I've written about Jil's fascination with Keith in earlier blogs. Her obsession for him remains undiminished.

BEST NEW ARTIST IS...Zac Brown Band. OK, here is fact about Zac Brown: he toured 314 days last year. What Zac Brown does before every show, which I think is about the coolest thing ever, is cook dinner for 150 fans that are part of his VIP fan club. He makes barbeque with his secret sauce and then feeds all these people, hangs out with them, and just gets to know his fans. I don't know one song of Zac Browns but I love him. He might, he just might, get me into country.

Don't hold your breath.


And now...the black eyed peas. neat. looks like The Gimp!!! He totally has the Gimp head gear on!! Way to go will!! I sit here and wonder how much money these idiots make and it is making me very angry. We need to write a song, just one song, that gets picked up in some famous movie or becomes a popular Christmas tune and live off the royalties. And then play it when we're on the Grammys and have a bunch of other idiots dressed like speakers walk around and gesticulate wildly. What does that Indian dude and the other black dude actually do? Can you name them? No. It's the will and Fergie show. Those other dingbats are just riding on some pretty glammed-out coattails. I kid the Peas but I actually think they throw down a mean beat and are pretty harmless. Does anyone remember the time when the Peas were an underground, socially conscious, hip hop outfit that had high ideals and more interesting music? It was about ten years ago.

PERFORMANCE: Lady Antebellum. In the Country genre and I have actually heard of these folks. Never heard them and I'm hearing them now. Yep, it's country. It sucks. The guy singing reminds me of one of those Rascal Flatts dudes, except about 40 lbs. lighter.

Rascal Flatts fat guy

Best Comedy Album? Okaaay. Hope it's Patton Oswalt. And it's not. It's Colbert. Sounds very lame and goofy. Did you know Colbert sang in a barbershop quartet and had some serious chops? And now he just thanked Jesus. So, the night is not a total loss.

Time for another cool beverage...and the Screwdriver is secured, on we go!

RECORD OF THE YEAR: come on, Kings of Leon please!!!! And it's...YES!!!!!!!!! The Followill brothers come through!!! Every time Caleb Followill gives a comment on his new found fame, he sounds disgruntled but he is right up there getting the award, drunk, and very happy. Grammys got it right this time.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. ALERT!! Love this guy. Go watch him again in Weird Science for a perfect, a-hole performance. Now Jamie Foxx is making me laugh because I can't look at him and not laugh. Full Auto Tune mode. Hopefully 2010 will see the death of the Auto Tune. That is the voice modulating unit that basically allows a crappy singer to actually carry a tune. A crappy singer like T-Pain. Where's the hat T-Pain?? He has, by his own count, about 300 custom made top hats. He buys most of them in New Orleans from a small haberdashery.

SLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! The Grammys not officially do not SUCK! Go read the Slash autobiography for some insight into one of the best guitarists, not just of his generation, but of all time. And one of his favorite albums is Aerosmith "Rocks", which is my all time fave Aerosmith album.

Speaking of best guitarists, did anyone know that a NEW Jimi Hendrix album is now out called "Valleys of Neptune"? It got a four star review in Rolling Stone and apparently was recorded and mixed just three months before he died. This is one in a series of many Hendrix albums that will be coming out over the next DECADE. Yes, he made that much music. I could not be happier.

Grammy Post: Ga Ga Goo Goo (7 to 7:30)


In the room: Phil, Jil, Gabe
Drink: Screwdriver
Cat: Wherabouts unknown.

OPENING: Lady GaGa, Elton John

She has a great voice, this Lady GaGa, no doubt about it. And Elton! We love Elton. Why does he look all burned and incinerated? Kind of goofy. The makeup is distracting and I can't concentrate on the actual tune. Gabe: "What's up with the one long earring?" Good question sir. I keep looking at the big black streak on GooGoo's face and yet, her voice is keeping me focused on the song. Well played, Miss GeeGee. Jil is still clapping for Elton.

I like Stephen Colbert but I don't find his schtick that funny. And a diss on Susan Boyle? He is mocking her and yet they clap. Kind of lame.

SONG OF THE YEAR: Single Ladies, Beyonce. Not too surprising I guess. It's sort of disturbing when my 12 year old is walking around the house singing, "whoa, oh, oh, whoa, oh, oh, if you like it then you better put a ring on it". It is catchy. Nevertheless, disturbing.

And now Green Day is partnering with their Broadway cast, so, I don't know how I feel about this expect Billie Joe Armstrong writes some of the best melodies in rock. Sounds pretty good actually. So far the music has been very good and no stupid remarks. Which doesn't bode well for an interesting Grammys. We need some drunk people stat!!

BON JOVI ALERT! They are going to play a fan chosen song so pay attention people!

And now we're into the Country award for Best Album. I hope Willie Nelson's Stardust wins.

Oh. Taylor Swift won. How incredibly remarkable and unexpected. NOW KANYE, NOW!!! COME OUT NOW!!!!

Let's get real about Taylor Swift: her voice is not great. It's not even good. She is probably the nicest celebrity around and her songs are written well. She is not a singer, however.

BEYONCE: Now, this person can sing. Holy cow. I'm a fan of Beyonce, not like Jil is a fan, I don't go buy songs of hers, but I like what she does. She's the real deal. The soldiers walking around don't make any sense to me but they're gone now. I also really appreciate the all female backing band and that they are genuinely trying to rock out. And now, she is going to an old school Alanis tune! Love it! Way to go B!! I'm seriously getting chills right now listening to this performance and she is gyrating on the stage and that is also pretty rad.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My man crush on Tim Gunn

We all need certain people in our life: we need the person who will always take you to a metal show when you are feeling down (Riley, Wyatt); we need the buddy you can golf with and share thoughts and feelings (Randy, Grant); we need someone to listen to you and be there for you when times get tough (Jackie, Shellie); we need that special person to go on trips with and share special male bonding moments (Wolf, Ryan Brooks); we need drinkin' buddies (Skid, Teen Teen, Annie, Martini, Joyce, hell, our whole family); we need the person who keeps you humble and reminds you where you come from and you still have work to do, but totally loves and accepts you no matter what (Voo, Mom); and we all, every one of us, needs a great dad (RIP Karlito).

We also, every one of us, needs a well dressed gay man in our lives.

Specifically, this man:

Tim Gunn, hero, gentleman, voice of reason

Mr. Gunn or Big Tim as I like to call him (not to be confused with Tim Riggins and I don't know if Tim is BIG in that area, I just like the sound of Big Tim. Get your minds out of the gutter), is the host of Project Runway. This show is a favorite of our family because it's mindless entertainment, you can judge people's taste and fashion sense, it's sometimes funny and the contestants are usually quirky but have good hearts and aren't out to kill someone or make the other contestants' lives miserable. The other host of this show is Heidi Klum and she is ok (Welcome to Pwoject Wunway!!!), her most admirable quality being that she married Seal and he is a stud. Anyway, back to Big Tim.

Tim gets the unenviable job of being The Mentor to these wanna-be designers. He coaches them through each task and gives them his advice. The most famous piece of advice and Tim's catchphrase is "Make it work", which is not that cool of a phrase but when Tim says it, you want to "Make It Work!". You see, Tim is that certain person in your life that always believes in your very best self. He wants to bring out the you that you aren't sure exists. Tim also has an unflagging sense of optimism. Even when he sees the worst garment imaginable made by the biggest train wreck of a person, he looks them right in the eye and says, "I believe in you, you have a big job ahead of you, but Make It Work. Go, go, go!" He then punctuates this saying with a little hand jab to emphasize that most problems in life can be usurped and overcome with some good old fashioned, hard work.

When he has to be harsh, he can be but it's never mean or demeaning. He is the father figure that these people probably never had. He only judges you on your output, not your philosophical life stance, and his only discernible goal is to help you be a world class designer and person. When the contestants get voted off the show and Heidi gives them the two cheek Euro kiss, Tim is backstage waiting to embrace them and tell them how much he loves them and that even though they now have to pack up their shit and skee-daddle, he will miss them terribly. It is tough love done the most brilliant way possible.

And the clothes: the bespoke suits that fit perfectly with windowpane patterns, and dark suits with checked shirts that match his ties perfectly; the elegant pointy toed shoes and the amazing winter coats, from pea coats to full length wool overcoats. His glasses are always funky but never goofy and his watches are top notch. If you walked out of the house every day looking like Tim Gunn, you would absolutely kick life's ass. No one could stand in your way and you would have angels showering you from above with rose petals as you walked down the street in your worsted wool, three button, $5,000 dollar Prada suit.

I just want to have his life for one week. I think it would all turn around for me if I could be Tim Gunn for a few days. God speed Big Tim, I will see you on the Wunway.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Greatest Week in Gabe's Life!!

So, Gabe had the best week ever last week. I have to mention this because everything fell into place so perfectly and we planned none of it.

Essentially, Gabe met his idol, freeski sensation Tom Wallisch. Here is a pic of Tom:

It all started at the Jazz-Heat game on Monday night. I got some tickets from my work including tickets for the Jazz Sports Club. Basically, the Sports Club is a fancy place way up at the top of the arena where they have this huge buffet and you can go pork out right before the game. They even have beer!! For FREE!!! Gabe and I got to the Sports Club room about 20 minutes before the start of the game and I began hitting the buffet hard--cheese, crackers, salad, some lobster appetizer with a coconut glaze that tasted like heaven on a stick, and then I moved on to the Big Boy Meal--prime rib, rice, corn, biscuit, cheesecake and more beer.

Gabe had none of it.

He said, "See ya!" and made his way down to our seats. When I got there, we proceeded to watch an enjoyable game and the Jazz actually didn't suck too much. About three minutes before the halftime, this kid came out with some of the Jazz helpers and he used the slingshot thingy to shoot t-shirts into the crowd. When he was done, the announcer said, "That was Tom Wallisch, who will be at the Dew Tour at Snowbasin on Sunday. Give Tom a hand!" Gabe immediately looked at me and screamed (not making this up), "There's Tom!!!! We have to meet him!!! We have to find him!!!! TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Let me back up a little bit here. Tom is the man responsible for turning Gabe back onto skiing. Gabe was all into snowboarding for the past three years, even getting new stuff last year, and trying his best to improve every year at this sport. He then saw this video of Tom on YouTube and it basically changed his life:

(Try to watch the full two minute clip--the guy is amazing).

Anyway, here we are, at halftime at the Jazz game and Tom has now disappeared into the crowd. Gabe is now hyper-ventilating and peppering me with questions like this: Where is he Phil? Where did he go? How can we find him? I have to meet him, how can we make this happen? Who do we need to talk to at this arena to find Tom? What should we do????

Um, get a beer?

We decided to go down to the other Sports Club room and get more FREE snacks and then wander up to our concourse again and, by lucky chance and the Beard of Zeus, perhaps, maybe, run into Tom Wallisch. This was a super long shot because the arena was almost full.

On our way up to our concourse, right as we go to the top of the stairs, we turned the corner and all of a sudden, Gabe gave out a squeal. I mean, a high pitched, girly girl squeal that is reserved only for those who follow Miley Cyrus and then suddenly run into Miley Cyrus. What do you know? There was TOM FREAKIN' WALLISCH! I'm pretty sure Gabe laid a sweet dookie right into his Jazz playoff boxers because he grabbed my hand and said, "Oh geez Phil, what should I do?" I told Gabe that we would just hang back for a sec, since Tom had three other people around him and we didn't want to be rude. One of the people next to Tom however, saw us hovering and poked him and said, "Tom, I think you have a fan."

Tom turned around and the guy could not have been cooler. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself, talked to Gabe, asked him what tricks he was working on and then let us take a photo of he and Gabe (the photo came out blurry and crappy unfortunately). The funniest part was watching Gabe. He stood like someone had stuck him with a pin--hands down to his sides, grinning and laughing weirdly, all nerved up and looking like this guy:

It was really funny and pretty cute.


Riley picked up Gabe and I and we headed to Snowbasin to watch Tom Wallisch in the Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Freeski Finals. As we positioned ourselves right to the side of the run, watching the other competitors come down, Gabe noticed an older guy standing next to the run with a t-shirt that had Tom Wallisch's signature on it. Of course, being the kind of kid Gabe is, that is, not shy at all, he went up and introduced himself to...TOM WALLISCH'S DAD!! This guy was also super cool. He asked Gabe all kinds of questions. And, when I walked down to where they were standing, Gabe turned to me with a look that was the epitome of Mr. Smug Guy, pointed to this older dude and said, "Hey, Tom Wallisch's dad right here." Classic.

Here is Tom's winning run. If you pause it on the very final jump, we are standing just to the left of the run, there are only about ten of us there. The rest of the crowd was at the end of the run and on the other side:

Afterwards, Riley threw his buddy a pair of his goggles and had them signed by Tom for Gabe. THEN, Gabe waited for Tom to come out of the podium area where he was getting his first place award, and had Tom sign his hat and his phone.

As we walked back to the car, Gabe said, "That was pretty sick." Yes. Yes it was.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes!

I love Ricky Gervais, the host. If you haven't seen the original Office, Extras or his stand up special, check them out. Very clever guy. Anyway, he is the host tonight and so far, he's doing superb. And he's drinking a beer!!! How cool is this awards show? So much better than the Oscars. Drunk, plasticized celebs and a drunk host. Love it!

Yea John Lithgow! He just won Best Supporting Actor for playing the Trinity Killer on Dexter. If you missed this show or haven't started watching it, get busy. On of the best series ever. Lithgow was so good in this season's episodes and it culminated in one of the creepiest and most shocking season endings I've ever seen.

COOL MOVIE ALERT!!! By the way, one of the commercials at the break is for The Wolfman, the remake with Benecio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. It looks freakin' awesome. I got chills watching it. I will be first in line on Feb. 12th when it opens. Hopefully it will be as cool as the Dracula remake in 1992 with Anthony Hopkins as well and Gary Oldman. One of the best remakes ever.

Yes, Michael C. Hall wins, another victory for Dexter!! Why is he wearing an idiotic looking skull cap on his head? He looks like he just underwent chemo, and if he did, I apologize right now for being insensitive. If he isn't going through chemo, he looks like a big fat goober. At any rate, this confirms how good the acting is on Dexter. Again, if you haven't gotten into it, go to Blockbuster or Netflix and get yerself educated.

Oh crap, I just Googled Michael C. Hall and he IS undergoing chemo for Hodgkins disease. Okaaay, I feel like a dick. Here is the official statement from Mr. Hall: "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall is undergoing treatment for cancer and the disease is in remission, a spokesman said. "I feel fortunate to have been diagnosed with an imminently treatable and curable condition, and I thank my doctors and nurses for their expertise and care," Hall, 38, said Wednesday in a statement.

The actor was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the body's immune system. The disease is considered highly treatable with the potential for full recovery.

On with the show!!

So it's 7:03 and the show is now officially boring. That means, Beverage Time! And what is my beverage of choice for the Golden Globes? That would be a Guiness. Since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is responsible for this show, I will go with a foreign beer. But more than that, Guiness, in my humble opinion, is the smoothest beer ever brewed. If you look closely at a Guiness as it is poured into a frosty glass (that you place into the freezer 30 minutes before you drink it), you get a lovely head on top. And you see a lovely display of black and tan intertwining until the tan makes its way just above the black and then you taste it so that some of the froth stays on your upper lip. HMMM, HMMM, DELICIOUS!


Helen Mirren is now presenting one of the movies nominated for Best Picture. I'm looking at Helen Mirren and I feel ashamed. I think I would like to sleep with her. Is this wrong? I feel dirty. But she's hot.

This thing is really boring now, especially since I have randy thoughts of Helen Mirren going through my head. And now Drew Barrymore just won. Oh goody. However, her acceptance speech is kind of winning me over. Way to go Drew. A Hollywood survivor for sure.

Up in the Air just won a Screenplay award. This was my favorite movie of last year. The Wolf's (not the The Wolfman) favorite movie was Inglourious Basterds, which was my 2nd favorite movie of last year. Joyce aka Li'l Lois aka The Evil Sister's favorite movie from last year was The Hurt Locker, which is now out on DVD and which I will be watching this coming week.


Wow! As Jil just said, she has had A LOT of work done. But she is still kind of hot and I kind of want to do her. I feel really dirty now. This is Sophia back in the day:

Best TV Series Drama--what will it be??? Dexter again??? Or Mad Men?? or Trueblood?? Or Big Love??

Mad Men wins!!! Great series. As Larry said, when you watch Mad Men, all you want to do is drink, smoke and fool around with the nearest secretary. Or Helen Mirren. Or a young Sophia Loren.

But hold on, Chloe Sevigny wins! She is Nicki on Big Love and she is also in a couple of other really cool and bizarre movies, like Boys Don't Cry and the Brown Bunny. The Brown Bunny is truly a weird movie. It was made by a guy who also made one of my favorite movies, Buffalo 66. And now, the dude who played The Jew Hunter in Inglouious Basterds just won for Best Supporting Actor. He was so good in this movie.

OK then.

Martin Scorcese is now given the Cecil B. DeMille award. My favorite would have to be either Taxi Driver or The Departed. Raging Bull a close second. Goodfellas is also right up there. Aw hell, all his stuff is good. Never did see the film he did about The Rolling Stones called Shine A Light. It looked good though.

Two beers in now...

This thing is not getting any more interesting. A quick rundown of the past two awards

  • James Cameron wins for Best Director for Avatar. Didn't see it. He sounds like kind of a D-Bag. But he's a genius because he made Terminator, which is a classic.
  • Glee wins Best New TV Series. Haven't seen much of it but love Jane Lynch. My favorite Jane Lynch movies are 40 Year Old Virgin and Role Models. And she is aces in Best in Show. She is pretty much awesome in any of her shows. But I don't want to sleep with her.
ALERT AT 8:36--THE HANGOVER WINS!!! Instant classic which should have won and did. I watched this again on a flight from South Carolina a few months back and laughed even harder the 2nd time. Favorite scene for me is when the guy from The Office sings the Doug Song. "Oh Doug, Doug, Dougy, Dougy, Doug."

Robert Downey Jr.

My favorite speech of the night and my favorite comeback of the past decade. He deserves every accolade he gets. He goes from being arrested, in rehab, arrested again, more rehab, a career debacle, then a resurgence and then that movie I didn't want to like but loved, Iron Man. And then we saw Sherlock Holmes over the weekend and he rocked in that. Way to go RD Jr.

****And now The Dude wins! This crappy show just got a whole lot better. This guy can do no wrong. Go back and watch The Fisher King and you will see him in one of the best roles of his already illustrious career. I haven't seen the movie he won for, Crazy Heart, but I now really want to see it. To quote The Dude again, "That rug really tied the room together."

Finally, the Best Movie of the Year and it is...

Avator. Whoop de effing do. Here is an image from Avatar to haunt your dreams: