Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes!

I love Ricky Gervais, the host. If you haven't seen the original Office, Extras or his stand up special, check them out. Very clever guy. Anyway, he is the host tonight and so far, he's doing superb. And he's drinking a beer!!! How cool is this awards show? So much better than the Oscars. Drunk, plasticized celebs and a drunk host. Love it!

Yea John Lithgow! He just won Best Supporting Actor for playing the Trinity Killer on Dexter. If you missed this show or haven't started watching it, get busy. On of the best series ever. Lithgow was so good in this season's episodes and it culminated in one of the creepiest and most shocking season endings I've ever seen.

COOL MOVIE ALERT!!! By the way, one of the commercials at the break is for The Wolfman, the remake with Benecio del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. It looks freakin' awesome. I got chills watching it. I will be first in line on Feb. 12th when it opens. Hopefully it will be as cool as the Dracula remake in 1992 with Anthony Hopkins as well and Gary Oldman. One of the best remakes ever.

Yes, Michael C. Hall wins, another victory for Dexter!! Why is he wearing an idiotic looking skull cap on his head? He looks like he just underwent chemo, and if he did, I apologize right now for being insensitive. If he isn't going through chemo, he looks like a big fat goober. At any rate, this confirms how good the acting is on Dexter. Again, if you haven't gotten into it, go to Blockbuster or Netflix and get yerself educated.

Oh crap, I just Googled Michael C. Hall and he IS undergoing chemo for Hodgkins disease. Okaaay, I feel like a dick. Here is the official statement from Mr. Hall: "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall is undergoing treatment for cancer and the disease is in remission, a spokesman said. "I feel fortunate to have been diagnosed with an imminently treatable and curable condition, and I thank my doctors and nurses for their expertise and care," Hall, 38, said Wednesday in a statement.

The actor was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, which is part of the body's immune system. The disease is considered highly treatable with the potential for full recovery.

On with the show!!

So it's 7:03 and the show is now officially boring. That means, Beverage Time! And what is my beverage of choice for the Golden Globes? That would be a Guiness. Since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is responsible for this show, I will go with a foreign beer. But more than that, Guiness, in my humble opinion, is the smoothest beer ever brewed. If you look closely at a Guiness as it is poured into a frosty glass (that you place into the freezer 30 minutes before you drink it), you get a lovely head on top. And you see a lovely display of black and tan intertwining until the tan makes its way just above the black and then you taste it so that some of the froth stays on your upper lip. HMMM, HMMM, DELICIOUS!


Helen Mirren is now presenting one of the movies nominated for Best Picture. I'm looking at Helen Mirren and I feel ashamed. I think I would like to sleep with her. Is this wrong? I feel dirty. But she's hot.

This thing is really boring now, especially since I have randy thoughts of Helen Mirren going through my head. And now Drew Barrymore just won. Oh goody. However, her acceptance speech is kind of winning me over. Way to go Drew. A Hollywood survivor for sure.

Up in the Air just won a Screenplay award. This was my favorite movie of last year. The Wolf's (not the The Wolfman) favorite movie was Inglourious Basterds, which was my 2nd favorite movie of last year. Joyce aka Li'l Lois aka The Evil Sister's favorite movie from last year was The Hurt Locker, which is now out on DVD and which I will be watching this coming week.


Wow! As Jil just said, she has had A LOT of work done. But she is still kind of hot and I kind of want to do her. I feel really dirty now. This is Sophia back in the day:

Best TV Series Drama--what will it be??? Dexter again??? Or Mad Men?? or Trueblood?? Or Big Love??

Mad Men wins!!! Great series. As Larry said, when you watch Mad Men, all you want to do is drink, smoke and fool around with the nearest secretary. Or Helen Mirren. Or a young Sophia Loren.

But hold on, Chloe Sevigny wins! She is Nicki on Big Love and she is also in a couple of other really cool and bizarre movies, like Boys Don't Cry and the Brown Bunny. The Brown Bunny is truly a weird movie. It was made by a guy who also made one of my favorite movies, Buffalo 66. And now, the dude who played The Jew Hunter in Inglouious Basterds just won for Best Supporting Actor. He was so good in this movie.

OK then.

Martin Scorcese is now given the Cecil B. DeMille award. My favorite would have to be either Taxi Driver or The Departed. Raging Bull a close second. Goodfellas is also right up there. Aw hell, all his stuff is good. Never did see the film he did about The Rolling Stones called Shine A Light. It looked good though.

Two beers in now...

This thing is not getting any more interesting. A quick rundown of the past two awards

  • James Cameron wins for Best Director for Avatar. Didn't see it. He sounds like kind of a D-Bag. But he's a genius because he made Terminator, which is a classic.
  • Glee wins Best New TV Series. Haven't seen much of it but love Jane Lynch. My favorite Jane Lynch movies are 40 Year Old Virgin and Role Models. And she is aces in Best in Show. She is pretty much awesome in any of her shows. But I don't want to sleep with her.
ALERT AT 8:36--THE HANGOVER WINS!!! Instant classic which should have won and did. I watched this again on a flight from South Carolina a few months back and laughed even harder the 2nd time. Favorite scene for me is when the guy from The Office sings the Doug Song. "Oh Doug, Doug, Dougy, Dougy, Doug."

Robert Downey Jr.

My favorite speech of the night and my favorite comeback of the past decade. He deserves every accolade he gets. He goes from being arrested, in rehab, arrested again, more rehab, a career debacle, then a resurgence and then that movie I didn't want to like but loved, Iron Man. And then we saw Sherlock Holmes over the weekend and he rocked in that. Way to go RD Jr.

****And now The Dude wins! This crappy show just got a whole lot better. This guy can do no wrong. Go back and watch The Fisher King and you will see him in one of the best roles of his already illustrious career. I haven't seen the movie he won for, Crazy Heart, but I now really want to see it. To quote The Dude again, "That rug really tied the room together."

Finally, the Best Movie of the Year and it is...

Avator. Whoop de effing do. Here is an image from Avatar to haunt your dreams:


  1. So...I was all sorts of excited about the GG's (total sucker for the ol' awards shows)...but, your blog was waaaaaaay more exciting! A perfect ending to my golden globing! You kill me.
    But, Helen Mirren, really? You dog.

  2. I've decided that instead of watching the globes next year I will just read your recap. Much more intertaining. I suppose I need to adjust my reality t.v. watching for some more meaningful material since I haven't seen any of the shows or movies nominated. Oh yeah, I've seen the princess and the frog and up...both excellent kid shows. Helen Mirren is totally hot, how old is she...70? So glad you've returned to the blog world!

  3. Freaking spell check! I really do know how to spell entertaining.

  4. i wondered about the hat too... now i feel like an idiot. i have to disagree with drew - she's so fake, come on phil, look past the goofy lisp and adorable bashing of the eyelashes- she's a loser. harsh but true. i am now on an avitar boycott, it's going to sweep every award show and it just looks like a glorified cartoon to me. and i have to add sandra bullock - seriously? best supporting actress? it's like she does crapy movies for 15 years and then she does one decent one and now she deserves the golden globe? you can't tell me that every other actress in that room couldn't have played that part just as good or better? all she did was have a texas accent... give the award to coach taylors wife for that matter... thanks for the post and giving me an outlet for my post gg issues.

  5. Good points about Sandra and Drew. Neither are my favorites but they are still around and somehow still get acting parts. Go figure. As for Texas accents, Coach Taylors wife definitely has that down. It really gives me the willies.