Monday, January 25, 2010

My man crush on Tim Gunn

We all need certain people in our life: we need the person who will always take you to a metal show when you are feeling down (Riley, Wyatt); we need the buddy you can golf with and share thoughts and feelings (Randy, Grant); we need someone to listen to you and be there for you when times get tough (Jackie, Shellie); we need that special person to go on trips with and share special male bonding moments (Wolf, Ryan Brooks); we need drinkin' buddies (Skid, Teen Teen, Annie, Martini, Joyce, hell, our whole family); we need the person who keeps you humble and reminds you where you come from and you still have work to do, but totally loves and accepts you no matter what (Voo, Mom); and we all, every one of us, needs a great dad (RIP Karlito).

We also, every one of us, needs a well dressed gay man in our lives.

Specifically, this man:

Tim Gunn, hero, gentleman, voice of reason

Mr. Gunn or Big Tim as I like to call him (not to be confused with Tim Riggins and I don't know if Tim is BIG in that area, I just like the sound of Big Tim. Get your minds out of the gutter), is the host of Project Runway. This show is a favorite of our family because it's mindless entertainment, you can judge people's taste and fashion sense, it's sometimes funny and the contestants are usually quirky but have good hearts and aren't out to kill someone or make the other contestants' lives miserable. The other host of this show is Heidi Klum and she is ok (Welcome to Pwoject Wunway!!!), her most admirable quality being that she married Seal and he is a stud. Anyway, back to Big Tim.

Tim gets the unenviable job of being The Mentor to these wanna-be designers. He coaches them through each task and gives them his advice. The most famous piece of advice and Tim's catchphrase is "Make it work", which is not that cool of a phrase but when Tim says it, you want to "Make It Work!". You see, Tim is that certain person in your life that always believes in your very best self. He wants to bring out the you that you aren't sure exists. Tim also has an unflagging sense of optimism. Even when he sees the worst garment imaginable made by the biggest train wreck of a person, he looks them right in the eye and says, "I believe in you, you have a big job ahead of you, but Make It Work. Go, go, go!" He then punctuates this saying with a little hand jab to emphasize that most problems in life can be usurped and overcome with some good old fashioned, hard work.

When he has to be harsh, he can be but it's never mean or demeaning. He is the father figure that these people probably never had. He only judges you on your output, not your philosophical life stance, and his only discernible goal is to help you be a world class designer and person. When the contestants get voted off the show and Heidi gives them the two cheek Euro kiss, Tim is backstage waiting to embrace them and tell them how much he loves them and that even though they now have to pack up their shit and skee-daddle, he will miss them terribly. It is tough love done the most brilliant way possible.

And the clothes: the bespoke suits that fit perfectly with windowpane patterns, and dark suits with checked shirts that match his ties perfectly; the elegant pointy toed shoes and the amazing winter coats, from pea coats to full length wool overcoats. His glasses are always funky but never goofy and his watches are top notch. If you walked out of the house every day looking like Tim Gunn, you would absolutely kick life's ass. No one could stand in your way and you would have angels showering you from above with rose petals as you walked down the street in your worsted wool, three button, $5,000 dollar Prada suit.

I just want to have his life for one week. I think it would all turn around for me if I could be Tim Gunn for a few days. God speed Big Tim, I will see you on the Wunway.


  1. Mention Tim Gunn's name around my dad! He gets totally giddy.

  2. hay fill-up,

    peewee herman has well fitted suits too, you know, and look where it got him. you want to be like big tim? what chu sayin' to us? you want to play on THEIR team for a week? you makin' me nervous.... anyhoo, don't let just anyone check your inseam.... promise? make sure he buys you dinner first


  3. Costanza,

    Speaking of well dressed gay men, have you seen Oil Can in his new 2010 leisure suit?

  4. I have never watched Project Run Way...think what I have missed.
    I think I will stick with Tim Riggins..he seems more my type...right now, my type is gone, and I am having a very difficult time realizing it.
    Maybe P.R. is just what I need. When does it come on, anyway?
    Love you,

  5. I am not Esmerelda. This is what happens when someone else uses your computer for three months.I am me...