Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammy Post 4: Home stretch!!!

Fourht Screwdiver...secured okay!!!! We go on and on!!!!!

I am way into Grammy fatigue now. Why do we have to until 10:30? I can't last that long. I'm already buzzed and suffering jet lag from my week in Alabama. By the way, don't go to Alabama. It sucks. It is pretty but so poor. No money. I spoke to so many poor people with hardly any hope of making their situation better. And cities with so many closed buildings. Commercial real estate values will absolutely jack this country up and it is coming in a big way. Residential real estate was bad; commercial values falling will be a disaster.

DAVE MATTHEWS ALERT!! Jil likes him. I have never been a fan. I suffer the same kind of A.D.D. with this music that the Wolf suffers on the golf course. I can't stay interested past the first 2 minutes and Larry can't play well for more than 9 holes. I didn't even watch this, I had to pee.

Justice is served: Beyonce wins Best Female Vocal Performance. If it was Taylor Swift, the night would have been over for me.

Who the hell is Maxwell? Good voice I guess. I'm fading. Not sure I can hang until the Best Album or Album of the Year or whatever it is. To be honest the Grammys have kind of kicked my butt. Why don't they have the Best Viking Metal Album? That honor would go to Amon Amarth. Here they are:

Amon Amarth, Best Viking Metal Band (not a Grammy category)

But, Roberta Flack is singing and I was just singing "Where Is The Love" earlier today so that is cool. Great, classic song.

JEFF BRIDGES ALERT!!! THE DUDE ABIDES!!! Can't wait to see Crazy Heart. He is saluting Les Paul. And now Jeff Beck is on. Go Jeff. But who is singing? A gold dressed lady and no one knows who she is but she is into it. However, I think we have reached the end of the Grammy night. I now really don't care who wins and can't stay awake any longer. Oh well, I'm sure we can all read about it ad nauseum tomorrow morning.


  1. i'm really impressed. valiant effort.

  2. I went to bed at the exact same point in the show. Who is Maxwell you ask...ummm a bad ass! Love him, almost as much as Beyonce and Jigga. Seriously, that couple blows my mind. I may have a problem. Taylor Swift is cute however I agree she is a bit overrated. She totally shouldn't have won album of the year. I remember when the Black Eyed Peas were much more original, then they hired Fergie and became mainstream mania. However my kids are obsessed. We watched their performance about 3 times last night. Hank was very interested in Pink's outfit as well. He asked me to rewind it. Man she has a body! Anyway, I very much enjoyed your recap. On to more important matters...Superbowl Sunday...Go Saints!