Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July--Song of the Week--Great Movie

Golfing at Palisade G.C. It was so beautiful up there and the greens were just as wicked as when I played Junior Golf. Gabe played pretty well, Riley, not so much. But he looked good.

Jil loved driving the cart around but she was pursued by a nasty Wolf who thought he could hit a few shots here and there. His golf game is not as good as his biking. Jil's cart driving was superb.

Voo and AJ in the parade. I think Lane is also in front of Voo enjoying the ride.

Gabe riding randomly in the parade. It's the best parade in the state because no one cares if you are in it or not. Just go with it and be a star on Manti's Main Street for, oh, about 2 minutes.

Karl, Shellie, Joanne, and Barb. Weather was perfect and the oxygen was flowing freely.

None of us could figure out why the Manti Country Village Motel had C.T.R. on its sign. It should be an obvious acronym: Choose the Right. But...the Manti Country Village just felt so WRONG this time around: the stinky mildew in our room, the broken doorknob on Larry and Becky's room (and the constant in and out of young people keeping sleepy Wolf awake at night) and a few other oddities here and there. The only thing that felt right about it was Karl and Joanne's room which was pimped out. Big screen TV, new furniture, etc. It also had a very large oxygen making machine in there that we had to lug in and out . But Karlito felt pretty good most of the time!

Getting ready to ride from the cabin up to the Skyline. Gabe was pretty nervous about this ride because the first 45 minutes is a fairly strenuous climb. He was a little shaky at first but got himself together and finished strong. Wyatt, on the other hand, started strong and the bushes somewhere. When Wyatt finally caught up to us after we waited a bit for him, Gabe said, "Jimmy, what's wrong with you? You're a GROWN MAN and I'm just a little kid and I'm beating you. What's up my man?" Wyatt did the bike ride of shame on the way home.

It is very green up at the cabin right now--but this afternoon it rained a bit on us after our ATV ride over to Blue Lake. I look pretty happy here, must have been drinking already.

So much love at the cabin!!!

We are in front of the convenience store in Nephi. Gabe is very happy because I bought him something. Fatherhood is pretty easy if you have cash.

Song of the Week: 'Summer's End' by Foo Fighters

I have been playing this song pretty much non-stop all week. It's in the Playlist along with Slipknot, 'Vendetta', the other song I've obsessed over this week. And, finally, some Shiny Toy Guns for flavor.

Great Movie: Gone Baby Gone

Jil and I saw this movie the Sunday night after we returned from Sanpete County. It stars Casey Affleck and is directed by Ben Affleck. There are few movies that truly haunt me--Boys Don't Cry and Funny Games come immediately to mind--and this is one of them. It's about a couple who are private detectives and are hired to find a little girl missing from their neighborhood. It's set in Boston and the narrative eventually brings in some pretty good actors such as Ed Harris but it's Casey Affleck's character that is the best. The last 20 minutes of this movie have occupied a sizable portion of my brain for two weeks now. Go rent it.

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  1. great pictures. sad we missed it. maybe next year monet can have a float in the manti parade. great movie i forgot about.