Sunday, February 22, 2009

Actress; Actor; Best Picture; Final Thoughts...Goodnight!!

Actress: This award is going to Kate Winslet, no doubt. She is a heavyweight in a class of welterweights. Just how it is.
Angelina and Brad sighting! They glow!!!
Holy cow, Sophia Loren. What can we say. Aside from the crazy hair, she looks ok. Hang in there Sophia. And, 15 nominations for Meryl Streep. Pretty strong.
WINNER: Kate Winslet, she rules. Jil and I really liked The Reader and it wouldn't have been as good without Kate. She played a very difficult character and now, her dad just whistled and it was totally cool. Back to The Reader: it was hard to figure out where this character was coming from but in a way that moved the story forward without being distracting. Her speech is so authentic and she is so likable. Way to go Kate!

Actor: Wow, there is some firepower on the stage. Jil loves Ben Kingsley. I just watched Taxi Driver again last week and DeNiro was just an animal in that film. So good. DeNiro now talking about Sean Penn. This is why we watch these shows. Moments you won't get anywhere else, and DeNiro nailed his tribute to Penn. Hopkins talking about Brad Pitt which is sorta weird but it works. Kingsley talking about Rourke in The Wrestler. Is this going to be the comeback story of the year?
SEAN PENN! Yay Spicoli!! How cool is Sean Penn? He gives the equal rights speech as he should. And a shout out to Mickey Rourke. Great award.

Motion Picture: This is going to does. No big surprise here.

Goodnight all, thanks for following. Another fun night at the Oscars where we go to bed thinking...why am I not going to an after party with Halle, Sean, Jack Black and Beyonce? Keep dreaming, keep dreaming...


  1. Nice writeups and analysis Phil! Other comments on earlier posts. I'm p.o'd about their showing no film clips. This Oscars was a bit insular. But I love that Sean won. Best line: "you commie homo-loving sun of a guns!" He gives me hope.

  2. Thanks for the recaps Phil! It made watching the Oscars far more enjoyable...nighty night!

  3. I was a bit dissapointed on the fashion end. i was hoping for some major disasters. there were a few... don't get me wrong, but even Mickey Rourke held his own. I will have to say Beyonce stomping around in that terrible red, legless number, lip singing to Grease was the best train wreck of the night.

  4. Okay, I think you will be able to get my comments now..good hell, it took somd doing, but I think I am good to for my take on the Oscars, well, I thought for the most part that the women all looked extremely beautiful..with the exception of Tilda (what the hell) Swinton and Beyonce..and J. Biel, why was she there?...Justin wasns't. M. Streep finally looked like she took more than 5 mintes to get the other award shows this season, she has looked like she just threw on the first things she could find...her publicist must have gotten to her. I agree with Hayley..I wished there would have been more fasion disasters...I love those, too. It was kind of like a bizarro Oscars..what was with that dance number with Beyonce and those young kids who looked totally scared and uncomfortable?...not too mention they couldn't lip sync worth a damn..and while having past Oscars winners introduce the nominees, some of them looked very uncomfortable with their toasts/roasts...and like they weren't sure who it was they were introducing..I felt very uncomfortable when J. Aniston walked out and stood front and center looking at Brad and Angelina...awkward...I thought that all in all H. Jackman did a pretty good job..I love the Oscars so you can't really disappoint me..if you happened to see the little kids from Slumdog on the red carpet, they were the cutest things all evening...darling...and did I mention that I want to come back in the next life as Natalie Portman..kill me now..rock on.

  5. i always think i will skip the oscars, but i am a sucker for show biz..and i thought it was pretty good this year. unlike shellie, it was nice to fore-go all those clips. just think over the course of our married life, just how many we have seen.
    enjoyed your comments, and the best people won. have you seen the visitor? you would like it, and that actor was great.
    now we are back to basket-ball,
    please come and see us.