Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Post Oscar hangover; where the hell is spring?

OK, I've gone back to read some comments from Oscar night and it was pretty cool to have the Academy die hards hanging in all night. Shellie missed the clips but Jackie didn't; Hayley called out Beyonce in her bad red dress singing bad Grease numbers and Annie was amazed at how predictable it all was...and yet, she still watched. I think Randy was watching but he bailed, calling the awards 'lame'. Can't say I totally blame him when you have to sit through the tech/sound awards, the production numbers that are related to basically nothing and the Foreign Short Film award. Go French dudes! But, it was a good night and all of us suckers will be watching it next year saying the same things.
WINTER needs to go away. Seriously. The sun came out today and it is getting closer to spring. Let's hurry it up. Jackie, Jil, and I need the sun, our lives are hanging in the balance!!!

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