Friday, February 27, 2009

Halloween 1978 and 2007; single of the week; Hey Obama, here's your stimulus package!

A couple of excellent DVD's to rent during the long winter are the Halloween movies; not the sequels, necessarily, but the original Halloween and the remake by Rob Zombie in 2007. Not much can be added to the original that already hasn't been said. It's a great movie and a classic for all the reasons the classic genre exists: it stands the test of time. It is still an exciting, scary movie even after 30 Halloweens have passed. Jamie Lee Curtis is not the scream

queen at all. She is the pragmatic heroine that doesn't do any of the stupid shit most people do in horror movies. She protects the kids, she stays in contact with her friends (until they don't answer because they, well, go watch it, you'll see) and she is smart. The whole movie is like a really good haunted house with a lot of surprises and set pieces. Plus, that freakin' Michael Myers character is just the perfect creepiness.
The remake by Rob Zombie a couple of years ago is also good. It didn't need to be remade and there is nothing added by way of backstory or plot elements. It's essentially the same movie but with some updated gore and character twists. I enjoyed it and taken as a separate movie, it is a good example of the horror/slasher genre. Go check
these out, you will not be disappointed.


"Set To Fail", new single from Lamb of God. When you start the day out feeling like you're looking up into the blackest, darkest void imaginable, this will clear it all up. Great song.

Finally, a word about our new President: I'm with you and this stimulus thing. I know the "wealthy" will be pissed since their taxes are being raised from 33 to 39% and it seems like the classic tax and spend philosophy of former Democratic regimes, but I have faith we will get to where we need to be and the ship will right itself eventually. Why do I know this? Obama is smart, he reads, he even has a website showing where the tax payer money will be going. And, he wants universal health care for all. I don't give a damn if anyone call this health care initiative socialized medicine; it has to be better than what we have. Oh, and for another great DVD, rent "Sicko" by Michael Moore to see what kind of piss-poor shape our health care is in.

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  1. I love you more than words can say, but your music makes me crazy.

    Where did I go wrong?
    Yes, to least he is moving and shaking, and with michele, how could he possibly go know, behind every successful man, etc.
    I do not choose to see any of the movies you suggested. Just take some down time and watch "Where the
    red fern grows"!