Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gabe comes home today!

Gabe has been in Arizona with his dad and step mom, hanging in the sun and getting some much needed skateboard practice. I dropped him off on Friday afternoon and took him to the gate. He then got on by himself and also got freaked out because of some turbulence. He got through it and is now on his way back. Jil and I are heading off to pick him up this afternoon. It is nice to have a few days with just the two of us; however, we both start to miss Gabe pretty quickly. He's always fun to have around--a very sharp and adorable kid!

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  1. Costanza,nice job on your new blog. I do like some of your music, but most of it sucks. Remember, once you are born in the Village, you will always be from the Village. You will always be a kind of an Osmond. Please don't put down Graceland West AKA The Voodoo Lounge.
    GLW is ground zero for the "Dark Side" of Utah and everything that is evil in Sanpete County. Remember Costanza, it was Voo who gave you your name. It was Voo who turned to on to horror films, skull art, and rock n roll.
    Don't try to out do me. To me, you a still the family bitch. Blog on bitch.


    Uncle Voo