Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, band practice was shaky

Last night I left the cold confines of my quiet house and met with the sisters-in-law at Oyster Bar in beautiful downtown SLC. They were accompanied by their cool spouses and we had a nice dinner. Although I am somewhat of a Garbageman (that's a shout out to Lux Interior, who died this week. He was lead singer for The Cramps), meaning, I kind of clean up after everyone has eaten. If there is a stray bowl of clam chowder that hasn't been touched, it's the Garbageman's. Not a moniker I'm particularly proud of but for this evening, it fit. We then made our way back to the house and made drinks. Steve Mitchell--guitarist, lead guitar, chief guitar tuner and destroyer of bass drums--then proceeded to the Gig Room in the basement. I accompanied him and got busy laying down a fat drum beat. The groupies were ready to throw various bits of clothing at us while the group photographer and manager, Jeff Nolte, took publicity shots. However, the first rehearsal of Heli, our new band, went worse than planned. We tried Detroit Rock City, Highway to Hell, Bark at the Moon, and even Smoke on the Water. It never came together for us but there were tiny moments of brilliance. Especially when we turned off the amps and put the drumsticks down.

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