Monday, February 9, 2009


We have a Keith Urban sighting and Jil is freaking out. Now he's singing and she is making yipping noises. Then she just said, "Oh my gosh, Keith Urban." She did not say that when BB King was playing.

Is there a more boring dude than Gary Sinise? Wow. Oh no, here comes Lil Wayne. Gabe is now dancing and getting his beat going. This is a whole tribute to New Orleans deal which is ok but the energy has kind of left the room...except when the camera goes to Lil Wayne. Maybe it's his teeth.

Katy Perry also kissed a girl (earlier in the show) and we kind of liked it. There was a lot of fruit onstage during her performance. and T-Pain are now on. T-Pain has cool hat. Best Rap Album goes to...Lil Wayne!!! Now, his whole family is onstage. He kept his speech short and sweet, nice job.

Zooey Deschanel looks like a little flying faerie. She's got a nice speaking voice. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss are on and it's sort of muted. Their voices are nice together. Good choice Robert, you who will always be the Great God of the Golden Throated Thundering Viking Voice of All Heavy and Hard Rock Music in the Vocal Universe. He still sounds awesome. Why won't he join the other guys in Zep and do a reunion? He's like the F Bomb, contrarian to the end!