Monday, February 9, 2009


LIL WAYNE aka WEEZY: We like him!

COLDPLAY: Super Lame!!!

OK, first of all, none of us (me, Jil, Gabe) get COLDPLAY. Seriously, can't they put those zippy marching jackets in a duffle bag and send it to the bottom of the Thames River? And the goofy drummer doing one thing the whole time, trying, I think, to get a beat but finding nothing like a groove or a cool sound. All of us watched for 90 seconds and then decided it was ultra lame. Their music is boring, they sound flat and didn't inspire us at all.

We were inspired by M.I.A., Lil Wayne and T.I. doing Swagger Like Us. And, we liked Kid Rock. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus sounded great (Gabe wants me to point out that he does not like Miley and thinks Taylor Swift is ok).
Other things we liked were the perfomrance of Jamie Foxx, Ne-Yo and Smoky Robinson. The other cool thing we enjoyed was Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl doing I Saw Her Standing There. If you don't like Paul, you might as well not like music. That's like hating on AC/DC. Do you know anyone that can't get with AC/DC? That's just not right to be hatin a Beatle.
Kanye and the woman who sang American Boy had Gabe doing a very high falsetto, which Jil and I enjoyed quite a bit.
NEIL DIAMOND: He's alive...he's trying. Jackie Wankier hates Neil Diamond and there is quite a lot to this sentiment. The music is weak, he has no charisma like Tom Jones and he moves super slow. It's like a bad karaoke night with Neil leading the whole audience in Sweet Caroline. He's almost as lame as COLDPLAY...but not quite.
R.I.P> the dude who composed the Andy Griffith theme--Earle Hagen, and Isaac Hayes. Shaft, you will be missed. Oh, and the father of Christian Rock, Alan Norman died. Leaving a legacy of Christian Rock-dom that will live on for eternity...or not.


  1. Nobody in Manti watches the goddamn grammys. Nobody in Manti cares about the goddamn grammys. Nobody in Manti cares what you think about the goddamn grammys. Since I seem to be your only follower, I would suggest that you somehow navigate you way to material that may be of some goddamn interest to us fine goddamn people of Manti......... voo

  2. I feel bad that Voo trashes you anytime your name comes up in a nice polite conversation... His blog is just another way of scrap booking... BTW I saw him watching American idol on Wednesday and commenting on how breast sizes have changed over the years..

  3. love your grammy recap and I agree Coldplay does suck the big one. You forgot to mention J.T., i sort of love him.