Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jerry Lee Lewis; Best Song ; Oingo Boingo.

I remember watching Jerry Lee Lewis in The Nutty Professor and loving it. He is kind of an oddball but I would rather have a world with Jerry Lee Lewis than one without it.

Best Original Score: nothing as memorable, so far, as Brokeback Mountain. I did like the Wall E music a lot. Milk by Danny Elfman...go Danny! He was in Oingo Boingo!!! Slumdog wins. Oingo Boingo however was THE band of the early 80's for me. I played their first and second albums so much that Jil, my wife, used to call me (back in high school), Mr. Oingo Boingo Man. They were punk, they were new wave, they were gothic, they were funky, they were unlike any band before or since. I will go so far as to say that Nothing to Fear is the best New Wave album that I ever purchased and to this day, does not disappoint. Jim Pixton and I went to see Oingo Boingo at the Utah State Fairgrounds in 1985 and we slam danced in the front row and I even got a high five from Danny Elfman. He has gone on to be Tim Burton's right hand man for his movie scores (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow) and is now a respected composer. Still, he will always be, for me, the genious who wrote "Wild Sex (In the Working Class)". Go Danny!
The Slumdog guy is talking again but call me a racist or whatever, I can't understand a damn thing he is saying. Something about love and I agree. Go Love!


  1. I love anything related to the film Milk. If Danhy was part of it, go Danny.
    I agree, Brokeback's soundtrack beats all. However, Slumdog's music will make a global citizen out of anyone.

  2. What is with NO FILM CLIPS at this Oscars??? This is UNTHINKABLE!This is why we watch, people! We want the drama. We want to be part of our favorite worlds again. Shellie and Jeff are disappointed! I mean the clips for the acting categories.

  3. Hugh Grant should marry Harvey Milk. Where's Billy Crystal!