Sunday, February 22, 2009

Will Smith and geek speek.

Only a guy like Will Smith can wear two earrings and it looks good. Visual Effects award goes to...Button. So, again, Brad gets old and that wins? Try and make a suit or Iron and make a man dressed up like a bat seem like he's flying off a building. Do it. Come on, do it. Making someone look old? A Members Only jacket can do that. Secretly, I would love the job of Visual Effects guy. Sound Editing: The Dark Knight. It was so damn loud that this movie should win just because you can't hear the other movies by comparison. I felt like I was in a rock concert without ear plugs. You could actually hear Heath licking his lips in his Joker character.
Sound Mixing, the superheroes of post production. I'm dozing off...Slumdog wins again. Do I detect a pattern?
"We can't believe this; this is unbelievable." Love this guy. He dedicates this award to his country, to his teacher and to a bunch of other people but he is kind of mumbling. Still a good speech.
Will is really trying to keep our attention here. I admire this. He is trying to make a very geek intensive process accessible to the lay person, or as in this case, the average TV watcher. He's doing a good job. Slumdog wins again.


  1. Will Smith looks fab in earrings, I agree, and basically can do no wrong. Oh no, it's jewey lettuce!

  2. That's what the wolf used to call Jerry Lewis. OK now I'm getting all serious about best actors, thinking of upcoming awards. I loved Mickey Rourke, but the humanity and sweetness and brilliance of Sean Penn, with James Franco, too, is my vote, for Milk.

  3. Will Smith is hot! I'm losing interest fast.