Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Stuff on Cats! Gabe explains BMX! The train wreck that is Paula Abdul! Jil makes You Beautiful!

Dakota Roche, table top

Gabe's Favorite BMX Rider

My favorite BMX rider Dakota Roche. He is from South Carolina, I think (Editors note: Dakota is actually from Huntington Beach, CA). I have a movie called Insight and one of the people in this movie, it's a BMX movie, is Dakota Roche. I like him because he is more of a mellow guy and not so crazy and he's a gutsy guy and has a lot of tricks in his book. He was basically the star of this movie because he is really, really, really good. The coolest trick I've seen him do is a table top.

Jil's Beauty Tip: Keep your teeth white!

You should see a professional (like me) every 3 months for a professional teeth whitening. Use Listerine Whitening Pre Rinse prior to brushing your teeth or after you have had coffee, dark soda, smokes or red wine. It will keep your teeth from being stained. Also, drink your coffee and dark sodas and red wine out of a straw (Editors note: stained teeth are a small price to pay for not using a straw while drinking scalding hot coffee, Jack and Coke and lovely red wine).


Sassy soaked to the skin

Say hello to my little friends!

Whitey needing Costanza's blog very badly

Mookie, the Mardi Gras mascot

I would address you humans, but, you zee, I a French kitty and I must look upon you with disdain and contempt. Plus, I am smoking an unfiltered cigarette which is very difficult to do with my wee kitty lungs.

Voo's perfect cat companion

That's where all the remotes went...

And finally, a quick dispatch from the front lines of American Idol: this just in, Paula Abdul is the Train Wreck of the Year (so far).

Is it the fake tan, the weird, alien-like smile or just the absolute bizarre behavior? Jil and I think she is a Xanax/upper catastrophe. Only someone on good drugs can stutter, stammer, stand up, sit down and slap Cowell on the arm all at the same time. She makes epileptics look mellow. We all know she is the "Champion of Everyone" and wants all the contestants to be winners. And to be fair, Simon should shut up and let her speak. But I totally get where he's coming from. She needs to...Speak! She just stalls, smiles, looks down, look sideways and then closes her mouth and talks out of the corner of it. My favorite Paula moment is when the music overtakes her and she has to stand up and dance. Actually, I love this part. At least she's feeling it. Because with that many drugs flowing through your veins, it's hard to feel anything.


  1. Angus,
    why don't you post a cat pic of them playing poker, and one of them has a card tucked in their paws under the table trying to cheat? It's hilarious and comes in a velvet type print.
    Also, I'll try to send you a pic of our cats sitting on my truck wheels trying to get warm........................ as I start to pull out

  2. Costanza,
    I agree with the Wolf.....