Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AC/DC vs The Eagles


Not so much!

AC/DC vs. The Eagles

On a recent trip to Moab, I made a comment to my travelling companions, Larry Tucker and Ryan Brooks, that I couldn’t imagine being friends with anyone who didn’t like AC/DC. Every one I know and associate with likes AC/DC. What’s not to like? They rock like no other, they’re funny, they have songs you can sing to and they are the ultimate party band. Both of them agreed but then they abruptly turned the tables on me. Brooks said: “Wait, you hate the Eagles, we like the Eagles, but both of us still hang around you. What’s the difference?”

You don’t have to question whether or not you like AC/DC. Once you hear one of their songs, you are all in. You know what kind of a ride you are in for. You are on the Highway to Hell or you are Back in Black or you are all about Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. It’s so simple and so good. My good friend and relative Steve Mitchell cites Powerage as his fave AC/DC album. That is a good one. My personal fave is Highway to Hell. A classic is a classic for a reason.

Now, when you hear The Eagles, you have a couple of responses. Apathy comes to mind. Boredom and sleep are common themes I hear from like minded Eagles-abstaining friends and neighbors. You have to try to like most Eagles songs. How many times do you have to hear Witchy Woman before you realize you just aren’t into the song? It doesn’t offend you because the Eagles could never be offensive. She’s a witchy woman. Wow, deep. She sucks. She’s evil. Nice insight Don Henley. You know these guys ruined Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh was The Man in 1974: James Gang and then right on to a perfect solo career. Rocky Mountain Way, But Seriously Folks and so many cool albums. He then joined the Eagles and they quickly tamed him into Adult Contemporary submission. Poor guy.

So, when you are down and out, when you need a hand, when life gets you down, where are you going to turn?


For Those About to Rock, We Effing Salute You.


  1. Dear Costanza,
    I have always liked the Eagles and I don't think that makes me a bad person. There are other things that make me a bad person. The only thing I know about AC/DC is that it is some kind of activity that Oil Can and Marconi like to secretly do.


  2. I was hoping Kurt Cobain could have lived long enough to do a cover song of the "Eagles".

  3. Don't let Jackie and Curt see this post!

  4. I am taking much offense at the afore mentioned dis to the Eagles..what you fail to appreciate and realize is that we were introduced to them when we were grabbing onto any kind of music we could find at very formative times in our adolescence...we had some very diverse selections but we had something we could relate to and make out to that wasn't the ear splitting, banging shit that came in the 80's and 90's..and I know I sound really, really old but I have to defend something that is dear to my heart (and Curt's basement bedroom) and that got me through some angst ridden teen years...although I appreciate your affection to AC/DC, I also think you need to respect your older siblings who also forged the music path for you...not that we agree with all your choices, but they are your choices, none the less and I don't think any less of you for it....please don't hate me because I carry a picture of Don Henley in my wallet...bring on May 9th at the REAL'll be wishing for a ticket!

  5. Yes, I appreciate the music that has come before and understand the place the Eagles has in people's hearts. And they are probably really nice guys. And the concert will most likely be entertaining and memorable. And the memories in Curt's basement...what happened in the basement? Forget the Eagles, let's hear some teenage romance stories!

  6. My lips are sealed....what happened a gazillion years ago stays my memory is just about toast so I am sure what I think I remember is not that memorable....just makes for good messing with your head!