Monday, April 27, 2009

Jil + Keith Urban = True Love; Gabe is mad (again!); Mott the Hoople

I Love Keith Urban by Jil Goorman

I never knew who Keith Urban was until Joanne gave us the Live 8 DVD at Christmas four years ago. The minute he came on, we had to keep playing it over and over. I thought, "Oh my hell, who is this guy?" And then we kept rewinding and watching it (note from the Editor: I watched it twice and then was over it. He is super dreamy though). And Gabe was excited too and loved to watch Keith play his guitar. I do not like country but Keith is the exception. He is rock-country and so beautiful. I want to be born again and be Nicole Kidman.

I also have his new album thanks to Shellie and Jeff and I am in love once again.

Gabe's 5th Grade Rant

There is a kid named Spencer who sits behind me in class and he is going to get his clock cleaned--this kid annoys me every day. Every one says its my fault and I shouldn't pay attention to him but it's hard not to. Today, he came up and he has anger issues and he got in my face and I said, "Next time you do that you're going to get your clock cleaned." And I guess we'll see what will happen tomorrow.

PS: I wouldn't really hit him or anything but I will get mad.

Lost Classic: Mott by Mott the Hoople
One CD I've been really enjoying this past month is Mott by Mott the Hoople. Made in 1974 and one year after they scored with the David Bowie hit "All the Young Dudes", Rolling Stone at one point said this album was "the best album of the early seventies made by one of the best bands of the early seventies." Take that for what it's worth because Rolling Stone also dissed every Led Zep album made. However, in this case, they are right on. This is straight ahead classic rock with tunes you will keep humming over and over. Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs, who would go on to help form Bad Company, penned most of the songs and they are full of rock star disappointment, fame regret and the brutal nature of making a living making music. Check the Playlist for more.

Mott the Hoople

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