Friday, June 5, 2009

David Carradine dies; Anvil rules; Eagles of Death Metal metal out!

R.I.P. David Carradine
I used to watch the old series Kung Fu when I was a wee Shaolin priest in Orem. Watching David Carradine as the hero/protagonist made you feel something cool, something different. He had a presence and even if the story in the Kung Fu episodes were repetitive, they were compelling because he was so intense and into that character. Apparently he had some issues and either committed suicide in a hotel room in Thailand naked OR he was a victim of an all too common death dealer, auto erotic asphyxiation. This is when you choke yourself until you die while you know...doing that thing to yourself (or it can be with a partner which is usually the safer method since you have someone to rescue you in case you go too far). Many people die from this accident every year and once in a while, so does a famous person. But it sucks that it was D. Carradine because even though he abused many drugs in his younger years, he had been clean for about 25 years and was in a great phase of his career. He made the largest impact a few years back as Bill in the Kill Bill movies and even if that's all you see him in, he is dynamite in that role.

Another cool one bites the dust.


I saw a great movie on Tuesday night with Joey Watts called "Anvil: The Story of Anvil". It is the story of a heavy metal band from Canada that was famous for about...35 minutes. They have been trying to make it in the big time ever since. Their big time moment of fame came at a Japanese heavy metal fest in 1984 where they opened for Scorpions and Bon Jovi. Almost immediately after that gig they disappeared. They did not stop making music or touring. They just never made an album that went anywhere. In fact, they have made 13 albums and have been on the road almost non stop for about 25 years. These guys are the epitome of dedication. The sacrifice for any kind of more lucrative career has been cast aside for the Herculean quest of trying to break into the music biz.

This movie was awesome because of the players in Anvil, specifically Lips the lead singer and Robo the drummer. They are best buds and made a pact way back when they were 14 to keep rockin' and making metal music no matter the cost. Family, friends and very famous musicians (Slash, Lars from Metallica) watched from the sidelines as these guys tried and tried and tried to make it and never got a break. During the movie they undergo a six week tour of Europe and when they play Prague, the club owner attempts to pay them in goulash. At one stop they play for one heavy metal fan who plays air drums in a beat up recliner in the middle of the floor. And these guys can play! The songs are ok but the desperation of it all and the supreme will of these guys to just KEEP GOING is inspiring. The final bit of the movie has them back in Japan playing the 11:35 am slot, just one of about eight bands that will play that day. The last 10 minutes of this show are incredible. I won't spoil it, rent it when it comes to the Red Box or Blockbuster.

Eagles of Death Metal

These guys rule. They are in the Playlist and you will enjoy their sounds. Listen and...beware!


  1. Do you think my mom and dad will like the Eagles of Death Metal since "Eagles" is in the title?

  2. We have been trying to tell you The Eagles rule!!!

  3. I didn't realize the Eagles had changed their name! Joe Walsh looks alot younger.

  4. Eagles are zeroes, Eagles of Death Metal are heroes!