Sunday, August 16, 2009

Canada Wrap Up: Yee-Hah, I'm going home!!!

Wow, I really don't think I've been this excited to get back from a trip as this one. I mean, I barely got any sleep last night because I was so pumped to fly out of Canada, away from my insane and inane roommate and just be back in good ol' SLC for a while. I won't go so far as to say I hated the guy I had to work and hang out with, but I will say that he is not making my Halloween party list.

Below are some of the various things he did to constantly annoy and bug me:
  • Farted all the time.
  • Burped all the time.
  • Made loud noises and yelled at random moments just to see my reaction.
  • Bossed me around until I told him to kiss my ass.
  • When driving, he would press on the gas, then the brake, then the gas just to get a rise out of me and just to generally be a complete idiot.
  • Staying up until 1am every night, on his computer, which in turn kept me up until 1am.
  • Did not tell me when he wanted to leave in the morning until I was in the middle of breakfast and then he said we had to go.
  • Did goofy dances when he listened to his iPod that made me uncomfortable.
  • Went to the bathroom with the door open.
  • Left towels all over the bathroom floor.
There are a bunch of other things he did that I could go on about but suffice it to say, he sucked. However, believe it or not, he is good at sales and our team did really well.

That's enough about that jackass.

Canada: my impressions of this country are twofold.
1. The people are very sheep-like. Since they've been in a country that has told them what to do for so long, they do exactly what you tell them to do. It's pretty cool. They are also very surprised when you try to make friendly small talk. They look like someone just nudged them awake in the middle of a movie. They are surprised and then eventually delighted that you decided to speak to them. Very strange folk but very nice.
2. No national identity. I mean, name some Canadian food. Name a good Canadian band (except Neil Young, he is technically a solo artist and his band mates came from either the U.S. or U.K. Oh, and Rush, because I still like them even though they are the geekiest band ever). Name a good Canadian movie. The only one I can think of is Strange Brew with Bob and Doug Mackenzie. Name a national figure from Canada (except again, Mike Weir and maybe Wanye Gretzky, but that's not very many). I couldn't get a handle on what gives Canada its uniqueness. From what I could see, it wants to continue to be the U.S's baby brother. Oh well.

Lastly, I had some breakfast at Oasis Cafe this morning on the way home from the airport and the coffee was exceptional. As it should be.

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