Thursday, August 20, 2009


Holy crap I'm happy!

Annie just got something from Randy and then they snapped this photo. What did she receive?

a. She just got news that the bar was serving 2 for 1 drinks.
b. Randy just told her he had a vasectomy.
c. He gave her a huge diamond ring.
d. He told her they were going to move to Fiji and train dolphins (editors note: don't do this kids, it only ends in tears and divorce).

ANSWER: C. Go see the ring Randy gave Annie for their Anniversary on their blog. It's huge.

Wyatt and Lyndsey

Lyndsey has been going to school over the past year and is now working in a certain medical field. What is she currently doing and how does this affect Wyatt?

a. She is a dental assistant and this in no way affects Wyatt's life of working 10 hours a week, sleeping in, going to rock shows, moving apartments every four weeks and mooching off of Riley.
b. She is a brain surgeon and has been practicing on Wyatt. If you talk to him you probably can't tell the difference.
c. She is now a massage therapist and Wyatt is getting free massages, another perk of having the Life of Jimmy.
d. She is a nail technician and this has affected Wyatt's life negatively because she is always prying his hands off of his beers to give him manicures.

ANSWER: a. Good job Lyndsey on moving into the dentistry field! Go talk to our cousin Brett for some good drug tips.

Becky, Monet, Jackie and Jack

The two ladies above are new Grandmas. When asked if they would like to have another baby and be a Mom again, what did they say?

a. Get that thing away from me before I cut it off!!
b. Drugs are gooooooooood!
c. Over my dead ovaries!!
d. Go to hell Costanza, we're enjoying our time as Grandmothers.

ANSWER: all of the above.

Hayley, Grant, Annie

This is Milo at a recent family function. He mostly resembles:

a. A returning missionary at his homecoming party.
b. A new missionary at his farewell party.
c. A Jehovah's Witness with two new recruits.
d. A Scientologist with mind controlling powers.

ANSWER: a. He looks wise enough to have been on a mission but just naive enough to have no clue what the world holds for him.

Dan Ross and Karl Tucker

These two guys are in the middle of an intense discussion. What are they talking about?

a. Karl is telling Dan to "Just go play."
b. Dan is trying to follow Karl as he name drops half of Utah County and expects Dan to know who the Assistant Principal's brother in law of Provo High is.
c. Karl is making sure Dan knows how serious it is when Dan grabs Karl's oxygen tube, bends it and cuts off the oxygen supply "just for fun".
d. Dan just asked Karl for directions to the bathroom in Hayley and Grant's house and Karl sees it as a perfect teaching moment.

ANSWER: Who the hell knows what these dudes were yammering about.

Gabe and Anthony

Gabe and Anthony have a new brother named Matteo. What does this name mean in Italian?

a. Pass the linguini dammit!
b. I'm somehow related to Marconi and pissed about it.
c. Roman God of Thunder
d. My relatives in Sicily made mats for a living.

ANSWER: Who the hell knows what Matteo means? He's a good baby and happy to be a part of the extended family.

Gabe practicing.

Gabe was completely infatuated with rollerblading in June. What is his level of interest in this activity now (August 20)?

a. He is practicing daily and will soon begin training for the 2018 Summer Olympics.
b. He uses his blades as a mode of transportation to get ice from the 7-11 for Costanza's adult beverages.
c. He deftly rotates this activity with his other summer activities: biking, boarding, golfing and swimming.
d. He wore them twice and has no further interest in this sport.

ANSWER: d. That one was too easy.

Mystery finger.

The above finger belongs to someone in Jil's family who also just messed up her knee while running. Who is it and what will most likely be her next accident?

a. This is Gina and she will next sprain her wrist pouring herself a glass of wine.
b. This is Irene and she will sprain her middle finger of her other hand as she gives Evans Gate House the finger while she leaves to pursue another job (way to go Irene!).
c. This is Kris and she will chip her tooth trying to open a beer without an opener.
d. This is McKenna and she will develop narcolepsy in school this year.

ANSWER: It's Kris and we hope she feels better soon! Oh, and use an opener.

Ice Cream Man

This is Costanza holding a lucious ice cream from Baskin Robbins. What does he also wish he was holding?

a. Jil's hand because she is the light of his life.
b. His Mommy's hand because she is the light of his life.
c. One of his siblings hands' because they are the lights of his life.
d. A Jack and Coke because it does the trick every time.

ANSWER: d. That was also too easy.


  1. Trust me we were REALLY happy...know what I'm sayin'! Thanks for the advise on dolphin training...oh sad.

  2. i keep trying to post, but have had no luck. This is just a trial post. If it works, I will send a real one.

  3. That was too simple. All I did was try twice. I hate computers.
    Love your quiz, as it takes no thought to read. Good photos of the family, just want to see matteo. Can't get enough of those baby pictures.
    See you on Sunday.
    K feeling crumby tonight. Think depression is settling on me too, so I just have to leave the room for awhile.

  4. How do you spell crummy? I need to go back to school, or we just can't feel crummy.