Tuesday, August 11, 2009

O Canada! Day 2: Flies in my enchiladas

Alright Great White North country, what the hell is up with all the freakin' flies??? Seriously, I have been waving my hands in front of my face for 48 straight hours. I look like an idiot walking around with my hand flapping back and forth past my nose and head to get rid of the flies. I go to the convenience store across the street from the hotel and there are flies buzzing around. We walk into our climate controlled ballroom to set up our workshop and there is a fly cruising about (and that would be the Canada 'about' which is pronounced, "uh-boot"). I walk into the hotel room and flies appear. We just finished lunch at a Mexican restaurant and I spent half of the time trying to shoo away a fly. And just right now, in the lobby of our hotel, a fly landed on my keyboard.

Now, this little fly predicament paired up with the bad food is making Costanza very unhappy and grumpy. So grumpy in fact that as my companion, er, sales buddy and I drove from Medicine Hat, Alberta to Lethbridge, Alberta (about a 90 min. drive), I sat in the front seat and hardly said a work because I was totally pissed off about the lame coffee. I even tried another place on our way as we stopped for gas and the coffee was horrible. And the radio stations are crappy and the only song I remember them playing this morning on five different stations was a Nirvana song.

Canada, in other words, is making me into a super high maintenance, whiny little turd. To top it all off, I feel like I've just been dumped right back into my mission in South Africa. We even had a conference call at 8am today, just like we used to do back in the mission field. And I live with another guy practically 24/7 and that is also working on my last nerve, even though he is really a pretty cool guy. Not sure what he thinks of me but I can only guess.

As for the people here in Canada, very nice and accomodating. Not the most outgoing folk but that's ok. I'm not feeling too friendly.

But that could change in an instant with just a perfectly blended French roast. Oh Canada Coffee Gods, please bless Costanza in this time of dire need.

Day 2---out!

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