Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super Easy Halloween Quiz!

These three students have been missing since 1994. Supposedly they are victims of a brutal crime tied to a legend around the town of Burkitsville, Marlyland. Which movie did they disappear from?

a. Three Dorks and a Baby
b. Three Geeks and a Website
c. Three Idiots and their GPS device that doesn't work
d. The Blair Witch Project

Answer: D. No matter what you may have heard about this movie, it is great. Go watch it.

The dapper gentleman above is walking around the streets of London. He has a very cool walking cane as well. On this walking cane there is an inscription. The inscription is:

a. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
b. If this van is rockin', don't come knockin'!
c. Made in China
d. 'D' for Dracula

Answer: D. The 'D' is also part of a wolf's head that makes up the top of the cane. Also, Gary Oldman, who plays Dracula above, is famous for looking just like Costanza at a previous Evil Ball.

This werewolf is from which movie?

a. American Werewolf in Orem
b. American Werewolf in Manti
c. American Werewolf in Santa Fe
d. American Werewolf in London

Answer: D. Still one of the best werewolf/creature movies ever. Go watch it now.


A remake of this movie is currently in the works. It will be done by Rob Zombie. The title of this movie is tentatively called:

a. Blob in Your Pants = Pantload
b. Blob for Apples
c. Blobby Brown and Whitney
d. The Blob

Answer: D. Zombie did a decent job of remaking the Halloween movies so this remake may be pretty cool.

The guy being impaled by a wagon wheel above was also in a series of movies recently based on a very popular fantasy book series. The movie series was:

a. Dragonslayer Kicks Bilbo's Ass
b. Gandalf the Gay
c. Sauron Sucks
d. Lord of the Rings

Answer: D. Christoper Lee, also famous for being in a gazillion horror movies, played the evil wizard Saruman.

A movie studio in England in the 60's and 70's put out about 200 different horror movies. The name of this studio is the name of a tool. The name is:

a. Screwdriver Films
b. Drill Press Studio
c. Electric Saw Movies
d. Hammer Studios

Answer: D. Hammer made some really bad movies but a few, like 5%, were pretty good. Evil of Frankenstein and Brides of Dracula are both good. Go watch them now.

The above scene is a very typical scene from a marriage. The husband and wife pictured are fighting about something (if you are married, you should answer this immediately). What are they fighting about?

a. Money
b. Family issues
c. Sex
d. Lack of attention
e. Communication issues
f. Someone snoring
g. Lack of sex
h. Control issues
i. Safe words during sex
j. Friends of their spouses that they hate
k. Kid problems
l. Things one of them won't do behind closed doors

Answer: All of the above. They're married, what do you expect?

The guy holding the chainsaw, Leatherface, does some serious running in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Who is he chasing?

a. His state senator because he wants to discuss a public option for upcoming health care reform.
b. His broker because his 401K is f***ed.
c. His current boss because he just got demoted.
d. Some stupid actress who eventually gets chainsawed.

Answer: D. But all of the above would work.

The dude on the trike is the main character for which movie franchise?

a. Dykes on Trikes
b. Clowns about Town
c. Chucky's Play Date
d. Saw

Answer: Saw of course. Go see the first one or the fourth one. They are creepy and cool.

Igor above is played by Marty Feldman. He is famous for his big...

a. Hands
b. Feet
c. Eyes
d. Cajones

Answer: C. Here is my favorite line from him in Young Frankenstein: "Ah, this reminds me of my dear old dad. The things he used to say to me." Dr. Frankenstein then asks him, 'What did he say?' Igor replies, "What are you doing in the bathroom all day? Why don't you get out of there and give someone else a chance?"

In order to keep the Wolf Man's hair in place, the producers of this classic film used:

a. Butch Wax
b. Clear lacquer
c. Pommade
d. Super strong hair spray

Answer: None of the above. It was a wig.

Happy Halloween everyone! Evil Ball Six will appear next year--thank you for your patience during the Evil Ball's absence. Your wait will be rewarded.

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