Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marcie the Spin Instructor -- John C. Reilly -- Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon

These guys currently reside in Nashville where they spearheaded a rock revival in the early '00s, playing and writing music that deftly looked back to an era of southern rock and roots but making a distinct sound all their own. They are comprised of the three Followill brothers and a friend, with the brothers having been heavily influenced by the travelling childhood they spent with their Pentecostal preacher father as he dragged them all over the heartland setting up tent revivals. Excellent band with four albums and an EP to their credit--they are the featured band in the Playlist.

Movie Marathon Suggestion: The Movies of John C. Reilly

Here’s something fun to do while the weather totally sucks and keeps you captive: a movie marathon with John C. Reilly. I first saw him in Magnolia where he played Jim, an L.A. cop, who is looking for companionship and finally finds it with Melora Walters, cocaine snorting child abuse victim. He is also Mark Wahlberg’s wing man in Boogie Nights and has one of the best facial expressions ever caught on film—he does a front flip into a swimming pool and lands squarely on his back. The camera catches him underwater and that face is why I dig this guy. He is also in Ricky Bobby: Talladega Nights (“No Ricky Bobby, NOOOO!!!”), Hard Eight, Step Brothers, and my most recent favorite role, Dewey Cox in Walk Hard. I would suggest watching Walk Hard again if you haven’t seen it already. The best satirical movie in the past couple of years by far. His duet with that chick from The Office had me rolling. Reilly has the best clueless face of any actor and he can also play it straight when he chooses (Gangs of New York for one).

Marcie My New Spin Instructor

Robert, the spin instructor on Thursdays whom I’ve written about previously, got fired. I didn’t go to his class anymore anyway because he was terrible. My new instructor on Tuesday mornings (that’s 5:45 in the a.m.) is Marcie. Marcie weighs 90 lbs., has probably a negative body fat ratio and possesses a really loud voice. She is late twenties/early thirties and recently just upgraded her road bike to a newer model. This is a foreign concept for me since I haven’t had a bike upgrade since 2002 but the fact that she bikes outside is a very good sign. She is super nice and is always helping spin class newbies get situated with their set up. Her music selection is also passable: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stevie Nicks, Blue October and weird Brazilian stuff that’s fun when you’re pedaling.

I like Marcie. She says things to her class like, “You are stronger than you think you are!” and “This is your hour to be better than you’ve ever been!”, and “What you are on the inside makes what you are on the outside---and on the outside you’re beautiful!!” I usually hate this kind of cliché riddled rubbish during my workouts because it’s just distracting and unhelpful. But Marcie makes is work with the delivery. She says these platitudes with a loud, commanding voice and it keeps you going.

You could do worse than to hear personal philosophy from a spin instructor yet I find the fact that she is not afraid to say these things comforting. Why don’t we share our personal mottos or creeds with other people? There is real knowledge, and of the helpful kind, to be gained when you listen to someone discuss the guiding principles that steer their life. This is different than advice, most of which I consider to be poorly thought out and just as easily thrown out. A personal code is different: you have learned, through experience, these few things really work for you and increase your chances that living on this planet will be a more enjoyable endeavor.
My code would be these few items:

· No matter how dark the mood, how bad the day or how rotten the situation, I’ve always found a certain song, movie, or book will lighten it.
· Be a consistent parent with consequences. However, children are innocent and are constantly demanding justice; adults are flawed and seem to always be looking for mercy. In this dichotomy lies the prime paradox of parenthood.
· No excuse for ignorance.
· Working out is always a good use of time.
· Call your mom and dad.
· Tell your spouse she’s beautiful. And mean it.

I’m still working out my personal financial code and when that is figured out, I will be very happy. The financial code that is NOT working for me right now is:

· If you can’t afford it, charge it.
· If it’s shiny, buy it.
· If you’re sad, buy yourself something.
· Don’t tell your spouse about your financial shenanigans.
· What is this cash that you speak of?

Anyway, my spin instructor is top notch. Yay Marcie!


  1. Loved the personal code advice and I, too, have a few things that have helped me through my 56 years here on earth...the one that just keeps me going is that you just can't stress too hard about little's really not that big of a deal and I can usually work it out without too much drama...I just won't let myself get that worked up about trivial is just too short..and I have also come to know..and this is sooooo true..that out of every adverse or negative stuff that comes in your path, something good comes out of find yourself going down a path you might not have gone, you find out that you are not as rigid as you think and you are open to things you might not have ever taken a second look at....but you have to be open to that change..I am still working on running from people I know at the grocery store...or anywhere for that matter...just my personal trial...thanks for your always enlightening blog is becoming my personal code!

  2. Being a consistent parent sounds simple enough...until you are actually a parent. It's much harder than it seems but so critical.

  3. I think the thing I liked most about your personal code is to call your parents! I still regret the days I let pass, and didn't get in touch with home base.
    Also, you may want to know something. Your dad never says a negative thing about his kids or grandkids..ever!
    He is always positive, and seems to know that you are all smart enough to figure things out, but he would walk over glass to help you!
    This is a good personal we could all sort of incorporate when dealing with family. Be there when needed, but not here to pass judgement.
    Love your blog...feel like I am reading a good short story, or essay, everytime I read.
    love you,

  4. The codes we live by and how we come by them...that could be a blog entry that could go on forever!
    Love the comments, thanks for the insight and the support.

  5. Dearest Phil,

    I don't think I've told you yet, but I really love your blog! Seriously. You are a person with a lot of interesting things to say (I'm starting to see a formula with you and Voo: "twisted minds=interesting blogs." I like the range of topics you cover--the mix of pop-culture, music, everyday experiences, Gabe's perspectives, and a few insights about life (like your codes). Some of my favorites posts have been about your speaker not working, your spinning class instructor stories, and the flat tire incident (oh yeah...and the Kevin Bacon letter). You are a good writer! I'm psyched that I can log onto my computer and read some of your musings on a regular basis. It helps ease some of the pain of living so far away from you all! Love, Teen Teen

  6. Teen Teen in the house!!! Yeah! Love hearing from you and glad the twisted minds are providing some small bit of relief from everyday life with stories about...everyday life.